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GST Withholding

22 April 2019

Buying Land

Goods & Services Tax…aka the GST. It’s everywhere. At the shops, when you pay a contractor, when you buy online – the list goes on. And it now also impacts property transactions by way of GST withholding. But what is it? And how does it impact you when buying residential property? GST Withholding On July […]

Routine Inspections

18 February 2019

Landlord Renting Tenant

Two words that often send tenants into a panic – rent inspection (da da dummmmmm). Most Australian’s rent at one point or another in their lifetime. Whether you’re just starting out in the rental market, or you’ve rented for your whole life, you will experience regular routine inspections. Routine inspections are conducted no more than […]

All about Titles

14 January 2019

Buying Land

Titles. The epicentre of our industry. You can’t buy, sell or let a property without one – everything revolves around them. A title is the official record of your property ownership. It outlines the details of the owner/s, any mortgages or caveats (more on that in a later blog) against the property and any restrictions […]

Add life to your living areas

7 December 2018


Summer’s here! So too is the silly season of entertaining, Christmas luncheons and most importantly, gift giving. With our love of the great outdoors, much of our time in the warmer months is spent outside. So why not bring the outdoors in and enjoy it year-round? Indoor plants can enhance a space. Whether it’s adding […]

Making your pool 'cool'

28 November 2018

Home Renting

It’s that time of year. The weather is warming up (slowly but surely) and it’s the perfect time to enjoy some time lazing by the beach or the pool. Portable pools are often a popular Christmas present – easily dismantled at the end of summer, or taken with us when we move. They’re also a […]

The age of e-conveyancing

13 November 2018

Buying Home Selling

This day in age, just about everything can be done electronically. Money can be transferred from the palm of your hand. Mail can be sent from a computer instead of the post. You can even read the newspaper or your favourite magazine online. Property settlements are one thing that you couldn’t do electronically. Until now! […]

Family violence & the RTA

1 November 2018

Landlord Renting Tenant

Changes to the RTA – prevention of family violence There are some important changes to the Residential Tenancies Act (The RTA) afoot to support victims of domestic violence. Sadly, this is a problem in our society and something that you may be faced when renting, or renting out your property. Recognising this, a bill was […]

Settlement Agent vs Conveyancer

16 October 2018

Buying Selling

What is a settlement agent? What is a conveyancer? Do I need one? Or both? Some common questions for those buying property, particularly first home buyers getting into the market. So…Let’s start from the beginning. Let’s say you’ve bought a block of land in Vasse or a home in Abbey, for example. From here, there […]

Buying and selling in the same market

5 May 2016


Property market commentary is almost always focused on the numbers but unless you are a significant property investor, many of these statistical observations may not be that helpful to the “mum & dad” buyer trying to read the market. When buying the family home, as long as you buy and sell almost simultaneously under similar […]

Understanding what buying 'as inspected' means

5 May 2016


One of the most widely misunderstood elements of real estate is what condition a property should be in at settlement or possession. What does ‘as inspected’ really mean? In short, a property is sold “as inspected”. If there was dust on a ceiling fan when you first inspected before contracting to buy then the fan […]